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Meck Mulch Madness

140 Valleydale Rd.
Charlotte, NC 28214

Mulch Sale at Compost Central

From your yard, to our facility & back again.

In Mecklenburg County, we upcycle your yard waste and leaves that are left out curbside for pick up. We process the leaves and yard waste and create high quality mulch. You can apply our mulch to your garden and lawn and it will reward you with beautiful results.

Huge Savings Compared to Retail Garden Stores


Brushwood Mulch

Hardwood Mulch

Single & Double Hammered

Various Different Shades

Come Choose The Right One!


And Remember We Have Compost Too



Starts at $10

Per Cubic Yard, Including Tax
A Cubic Yard is approximately Ten 40lb bags

Starts at $85/load

Up to 15 Cubic Yards

No bagged mulch available.
Mulch & compost are available for pick up or delivery.

Call 704.621.7372 or 980.314.3880
or Come By 140 Valleydale Rd., Charlotte